Professional Eyelash Lash Lift Kit & Perm Kit


Achieve the perfect lashes without having to deal with the price and hassle that comes with them

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Professional Eyelash Lash Lift Kit & Perm Kit


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Have you been wanting to finally achieve the perfect lashes without having to deal with the price and hassle that comes with them? Our Professional Lash Lift Kit is just what you have been looking for. You can now get salon-like results in your own home for a fraction of the price.

Our Professional Eyelash Lash Lift Kit & Perm Kit will give you strong and perfectly curled lashes that can last up to 8 WEEKS after just ONE use! No need for expensive and annoying extensions or cheap, outdated false lashes. With our Lash Lift Kit you will never have to turn back to traditional methods to get the lashes of your dreams.

Made of premium quality ingredients (has been tested for safety and effectiveness), it uses silicon pads to perm your lashes for a long-lasting one, way better and more effective than tradition rollers. Forget about spending time everyday curling your lashes. Lashlift keeps your lashes curled for a brighter wide-eyed look for a whole month.

This innovative lash lifting kit is easy to use causing no mess. It can be used either at home or in professional salons. Lashlift is everything you’ve ever wanted or needed to have a long-lasting gorgeous looking curled lashes without all the hassle of eyelash extensions, traditional rollers, or mascara.


Professional Eyelash Lash Lift Kit & Perm Kit Features:

BEAUTIFUL-LONG-LASTING EYELASH PERM: Obtain gorgeous semi-permanent eyelash curls that will last for 1 whole month without the hassle of using your eyelash curler daily.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: It has been tested for safety and effectiveness and is suitable for both professional and home use.

BRIGHTER WIDE-EYED LOOK: It creates eye-opening, fluttery, and long curls that compliment any look for parties, weddings, and daily makeup

ECONOMICAL & EASY TO USE: It doesn’t take much effort to gain stunning and lasting eyelash curls with our easy to use perming kit. No extra heating is required and the price is right!

How it works:

Perm Lotion is a curing agent that allows the eyelash to curl naturally and beautifully.

Setting Lotion allows lashes to keep their curl for approximately 1 month (the life of a natural lash).

Nourishing Agent enriches, repairs and protects eyelashes.

Silicon Lift Pads 10 of each (medium and large) provide an excellent curling angle for application to eyelashes, very easy to use.

Glue is specially formulated for use with the silicon pads. Has a mild, gentle scent and low irritation. Doesn’t produce those annoying, hard to remove, white flakes!

How to use:

  • STEP1: Use the cleanser to clean off the oil, dust and makeup residue.
  • STEP2: Apply the eye pads under the eyelids to protect our skin from the perming lotion.
  • STEP3: Put the lift-pads on the eyelash, then apply the glue on the eyelash to keep it stick on the eye pads.
  • STEP4: Use the #1 perm lotion(white color) on the eyelash and then cover with the plastic film about 8-12 minutes.
  • STEP5: Use the #2 fixing agent (blue color) on the eyelash and then cover with the plastic film about 8-12 minutes.
  • STEP6: clean the eyelash lift pads, then use the #3 nutrition lotion (yellow color) to nourish eyelash.
  • STEP7: Use the #4 cleaning ( white transparent color) to clean off perm residue.


Please read entire instructions before you begin using this product. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. Keep away from direct sunlight. If eyelashes are weak or brittle, do not use. Wash eyes with water or saline solution if lotion accidentally goes into the eyes. If allergic reaction occurs, consult a physician. This product is strictly for external use.

Professional Eyelash Lash Lift Kit & Perm Kit Contains:

  • New Technique Eyelash Perming Kit- No need for Lash Rollers!
  •  Perm Lotion- Resealable 
  •  Setting Lotion- Resealable 
  •  Nourishing Agent- Resealable
  •  Silicon Pads- 10 x Medium and 10 x Large, Reusable 
  •  Glue for Silicon Pads- Resealable


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    I haven't used it yet, but the package is lightCame six days later
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    Shipping took too long .. The product is before use, but the reviews are good. I believe it will work out ~
  3. Durante Sciara -

    Before the summer vacation, I live with my curiosity The curls came out really well. It is badly curled in C curls, and when you sleep, your eyes open and well. The eyes are so sore. Always tired eyes Don't go up too fast.


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